In anticipation of the Quebec provincial election on October 1st, Trafalgar teacher Libby Fainsilber invited candidates to come to the school to share their parties’ positions on key issues, and respond to questions from future voters in Grades 9, 10, and 11.

The panel discussion on the afternoon of September 24th began with moderator Seyjii Schultz (Grade 11) introducing each of the candidates:

• From the Coalition Avenir Québec: Angela Rapoport (Nelligan riding)
• From the Conservative Party of Quebec: Mikey Colangelo Lauzon (Westmount-Saint-Louis)
• From the Green Party of Quebec: Sam Kühn (Westmount-Saint-Louis)
• From the New Democratic Party of Quebec: Apostolia Petropoulos (Laurier-Dorion)
• From the Parti Québécois: Jocelyne Marion Benoit (Westmount-Saint-Louis)
• From the Quebec Liberal Party: Julien Provencher-Proulx (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve)

After sharing diverse and interesting stories about their personal histories and explaining what initially attracted them to politics, each candidate spoke passionately about their “top two” issues: health care and education featured prominently, as did the environment and transportation.

The girls themselves followed up with questions that prompted deeper and more detailed reflections about certain topics, such as the tools teachers need to identify and assess students with learning difficulties, and the recurring crises that workers in the health-care sector currently struggle to manage.

Eager to exercise their democratic right to vote in future elections, in the meantime these students will participate in an election simulation at the school on October 1st. The Traf learning community looks forward to hearing the results of this election, as well, of course, as the actual one!