From the opening notes of Soulstice A Capella‘s performance, to the closing notes of songs by surprise guest Annabel Gutherz (Class of ’16) Trafalgar was even more abuzz than usual with creative energy for the week of Arts Festival 2019.

Held at the school every second year, this Festival celebrates the arts in all its forms, showcasing both in-house talent and the creativity of special guests.

Memories of dancing with the stars from Break City, grooving to the Barcode Dance Group, and listening intently to the incredible poet/performer Rachel McCrum will linger for years to come.

Kudos to all of the student musicians, dancers, and thespians who stepped up to participate in the variety shows held on two separate occasions this year.

Arts Festival 2019 ended on a high note, as students and teachers paraded up to the Library for the unveiling of a mural composed of pieces created by the whole school over the course of the week.

A big THANK-YOU to the teachers in the Fine Arts Department—Ms. Litvack, Ms. Offer, and Ms. Violini—for ensuring that ArtsFest 2019 unfolded with beauty and grace.