Co-Curricular Activities

Our school strikes a fine balance between focused personal development and genuinely having a great time. Offering an impressive range of clubs, teams, and committees is one of the core tenets of Traf’s vision for individual growth.

The debating team is a beacon for those who want to share their big ideas. Twice a week, junior- and senior-level orators come together to volley opinions, become prolific public speakers, and eventually participate in tournaments both locally and abroad.

Hear that? It’s the great outdoors calling. The Outers Club hosts exciting excursions including canoe camping, kayaking, and winter camping (don’t forget your tuque). Snow bunnies can also join the ski club for downhill and cross-country enthusiasts as well as snowboarders.

Creative minds can make a splash on paper as a part of the yearbook committee. Whether as a writer, editor, photographer, or supervisor, each member of the Echoes crew adds a little bit of magic in the spirit of memories that last a lifetime.

Sisters for Sisters unites Trafalgar with the SEGA girls’ school in Tanzania, facilitating a cultural exchange between two entirely different worlds. This club hosts all kinds of fundraisers – from bake
sales to toothbrush drives – to make sure that our friends at SEGA are ready for success with school supplies and other essential items.

Mother Earth extends her thanks to the earth club! This co-curricular has spearheaded the school’s compost initiative, clothing swaps, litterless lunches, sustainable consumption workshops, outdoor cleanup initiatives, and many more efforts that support an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Calling all bookworms – Battle of the Books needs you and your trivia savvy. Join the Trafalgar team and compete against local schools in a heated clash that will test your knowledge about today’s most-loved young adult page-turners. Bragging rights for the winner.

The True Colours club is open to all: LGBTQ students, friends, allies, and those who simply want to learn more. Members explore LGBTQ-related issues encountered both at school and beyond, while enjoying an atmosphere of comfort, inclusion, and camaraderie.

For those with a knack for debate and a penchant for world events, Model UN welcomes you! Our team participates in local conferences as well as meet-ups abroad, going head to head with high school, CEGEP, and university students. The choice is yours: forums include world events, historical happenings, and topics based on popular lit.

The best art is created when there are no limitations – that’s why the art club has an open-door policy. Come on in and enjoy all the supplies you can find: paints, clays, pastels, and more. Each week, this club encourages individual expression, independent creation, and boundless creativity.

Get your sparkle on. Members of the Glee club prepare for a Montreal-wide competition during the fall semester: while raising money for the Montreal Children’s Hospital, students come together to choreograph and arrange an eye-popping performance to knock the judges’ socks off.

Show off your pipes as a member of our choir. Every week, Traf’s collective of vocalists meets to bring acapella versions of pop, folk, classical, and gospel tunes to life. Two large performances take place every year, along with lots of smaller opportunities in between!