Good Bowl at Traf

@ the Traf Café

Who we are

Lidia has fifteen years experience working in and around kitchens. She’s run her own home based catering business for many years and grew up cooking alongside her father, her biggest culinary inspiration. She writes a food blog, Oh Lidia!, that occasionally features cooking sessions with her daughters.

Sue owned and operated Kid Lunch for several years, a company committed to preparing and delivering fresh, organic lunches to private and EMSB schools around Montreal.

For the last two years, we’ve been serving delicious meals and snacks in a Montessori pre-school setting, catering to 130 children a day.

We’re both passionate about food and look forward to serving fresh, healthy meals to your daughters. Every meal we serve is made from scratch with healthy ingredients. You won’t find pre-packaged, processed or frozen food in

our kitchen. And all of our desserts and snacks are baked at Traf with love. Really. We’re a modern company with a modern take on school meals – salads, sandwiches and one bowl lunches prepared fresh everyday.


Between us, we’re raising four teenage girls, so we believe we’re particularly well suited to cater to the needs of Trafalgar’s population.

In our café-style approach, each menu item is purchased with cash on the day. We’re working to develop a system of pre-paid cards, purchased directly from us throughout the year, in various denominations. We hope to have it up and running in the next month.

We’re offering a choice of two main meals daily, as well as a dessert, drinks and snacks throughout the morning. One of the choices will always cater to vegetarians. A daily salad, prepared Mandy-style, will be available from our refrigerator along with drinks and cold snacks or desserts.

The second choice changes daily, with hot meals in the fall and winter and lighter fare in the spring. These include an array of pasta dishes, creamy mac & cheese, warming soups, burrito and Buddha bowls, and stir-frys. Everything is prepared in the Traf kitchen, with fresh ingredients, sourced locally when available.