International Students

With 130 years of excellence in education behind us,  Trafalgar is worth the trip.

The academic ecosystem we have shaped over the course of our long history sustains a finely-tuned set of core values. Top-tier academic programs, a wide scope of co-curricular activities, intimate class sizes, and a faculty deeply dedicated to our girls’ prosperity come together to seamlessly create a fertile ground for success.

Why Montreal?

Montreal has been long known as the cultural epicentre of Canada. With its Old Port drenched in history, its burgeoning business district, and a unique harmony of French and English on every street corner, the city offers endless opportunities for exploration. Though it has a big personality, Montreal is a small city that is exceedingly safe and friendly. Friendly neighbourhoods dot the island, museums of all sorts showcase culture, and Trafalgar itself is ideally located minutes away from McGill and Concordia universities.

Support for International Students

All school fees include textbooks, orientation for students, and advisory and counselling services. We provide English as a Second Language (ESL) and French as a Second Language (FSL) tutoring in-house for individuals and small groups (some additional fees will apply).

Traf Family Boarding

Family boarding is an opportunity for foreign students to fully experience life in Montreal by living with a welcoming, local Traf family.

The program includes:

  • A safe, caring, comfortable home
  • A private furnished room and study space, with internet access
  • Balanced meals throughout the week
  • English and French practice integrated into day-to-day life