Life At Traf

Traf may be a small school but we have the widest range of activities!

Like the idea of attending a World School conference in Japan? Debating? Exploring science? Would you like to make a clay sculpture? How about dance? These student activities and clubs are among more than twenty offered throughout the year by teachers with an interest in sharing their enthusiasm and expertise.

Small also means that everyone is someone! Traf girls have the confidence to try anything and succeed. Supported by their peers, our students love to take part in “Traf Idol” or Arts Festival cabarets. Athletes can try out for our many teams or enjoy intramural games. Ready to take on the world? Start by running a committee or joining the Earth Club or Model United Nations.

Welcome to the Family

From the first hello, girls find Trafalgar a lively, welcoming place. New girls have the help of their “big sisters”, older girls assigned to help their younger counterparts feel at home. Every girl belongs to one of five intramural Houses which compete in academics, athletics, and special events. House Plays and Field Day each year are the highlights of this friendly rivalry and underscore the warmth and spirit typical of Traf girls.