Travel Opportunities

Student exchange program

Imbuing our girls with a sense of wonder about the world around them is a top priority, shaped by Traf’s commitment to providing education in a global context. Student exchange makes that vision a reality in a big way.

The goal: to blend academic and cultural exposure, creating a real-life portrait of what our peers abroad experience in their daily lives.

We are currently partnered with 3 sister schools: Istituto Tecnico Enrico Tosi in Italy, Kopernikus-Gymnasium in Germany, and Invicta Grammar School in England. Expect this list to grow, as we are always seeking to create new bonds in exciting places!

The program – currently geared towards students in sec III, IV, and V – kicks off in the fall of each year. As the leaves change, Traf students open their homes to girls from across the pond for 10 fun-filled days. During spring break, roles reverse and Traf girls stay with their friends in a charming European city.

Both groups enjoy day trips to surrounding cities and towns, getting acquainted with their Canadian and European host locations, and spending time exploring and attending each others’ schools. These shared experiences define the culturally and socially rich fabric of exchange.

Community service trip

Students in secondary V have the unique opportunity to see travel through the lens of compassion, humanity, and giving. The destination for Traf’s community service trip changes yearly: in the past, we have traveled to the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. Future participants can expect to visit either Central America or the Caribbean.

We feel that the impact of working alongside locals and immersing ourselves in their culture via teamwork is far greater than handling a project on our own. That is why our school pairs with local NGOs, setting the definitive goal of helping enrich a community with members of that community.

Whether Traf girls help build an addition to a school, construct homes for the underprivileged, or a similar endeavour, the emphasis is on giving back and caring for our world.