Head of School’s welcome

Trafalgar is a big believer in girl power.

Our classrooms, our hallways, and our campus stoke a fire in each one of us that encourages the pursuit of greatness – both in ourselves and each other.

The proof is in the research: all-girls education leads to girls’ achievement. Studies suggest single-sex schools leave a lasting imprint on their young women, including stronger self-esteem, greater self-confidence, broader leadership opportunities, and higher aspirations.

Being a girls’ school is a huge driver behind Trafalgar’s success – but the truth is, parents and girls choose us because of how we provide a phenomenal educational experience for girls.

First and foremost, our people are outstanding. Our teachers’ combined qualifications and commitment to excellence allow them to truly understand what makes for an exceptional learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom. Creativity, boldness, and the sharing of ideas are all cornerstones of that environment.

Nestled in the downtown core, our campus is shared with our urban partners, providing our girls and faculty the resources and opportunities to engage in a pluralistic ethos. This harmony creates a sense of purpose for our girls and our community, based on strong principles of reciprocity, kindness, and social responsibility.

Trafalgar students grow both socially and intellectually within a safe, supportive setting while still being encouraged to take risks. Those who walk through the door in Secondary I leave us five years later as citizens of the world, firm in their identities and with a strong feeling of ambition and direction.

I am honoured to be part of the Traf family, helping bring its vision of empowered education for empowered girls to life.

Katherine Nikidis

Head of Trafalgar School for Girls