The House System

Traf girls are fiercely loyal to their assigned houses. This well-
loved tradition was born of an effort to create a sense of unity
between students in different grades, and has remained a
cornerstone of Traf’s sense of family.

And what would houses be without their defining features? When
the system was created in Traf’s 50th year, each faction thought
up a colour, motto, and namesake to embody their uniqueness
and spirit.

Under the house system, girls are awarded points for
participation and helpfulness, among other positive contributions.
Four major competitions occur annually: House Carnival in the
fall, inter-house volleyball in December, the annual play
competition, and field day.

Ross House

Named after Donald Ross, Esq., Founder of the school
Colour: Yellow
Motto: Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re / Pleasant in Disposition, Brave in Action

Cumming House

Originally ”Ridell” after Mr. Alexander F. Riddell,
Secretary-Treasurer of the Board, 1879-1929. Renamed Cumming in 1940 when Principal Janet Cumming retired
Colour: Blue
Motto: Facta non Verba / Deeds not words

Fairley House

Named after Miss Grace Fairley, the school’s first Principal
Colour: Red
Motto: Ministerium se Preaevenit / Service before Self

Donald House

In 1960, as the school grew, a 5th house was created.
Named after the Rev. George H. Donald, Board President
Colour: Purple
Motto: Pertinacia et Amicitia / Determination and Friendship

Barclay House

Named after the Rev. Dr. Barclay, long-serving
member and Chairman of the Board
Colour: Green
Motto: Tende Bene et Alta Pete / Strive well and reach high