A Bit About Us

Location, Location, Location

Perched just above Montreal’s vibrant downtown core, Trafalgar sits on the border of Westmount, one of the city’s safest and coziest boroughs. Our privileged location allows us to draw the best from both worlds: a closeness to the heart of one of North America’s most culturally revered cities, and the warm, familiar embrace of a residential neighbourhood.

Located a hop, skip, and jump away from multiple bus lines and a short walk from the city centre, Trafalgar’s surroundings provide the perfect stepping stone to independence, inspiration, and empowerment.


It takes a village to raise a child, so we made sure to collect lots of friends along the way!

Trafalgar has maintained long-standing partnerships of all kinds with organizations near and far. The strength and longevity of these bonds have helped us grow, enrich, and reinforce our excellence as a lifestyle-savvy academic institution.

Here at home, we collaborate closely with the Faculty of Education at McGill University as well as the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation, an organization focused on empowering young leaders. With their support, we host guest lecturers and speakers, conduct professional development workshops, and more!

As part of the World School International Forum, we maintain partnerships with “sister” schools in Germany, Italy, and England, giving our girls the chance to develop a taste for adventure while expanding their worldview. We also warmly welcome students from around the world to join our student family every year as part of our International Program.

Mission,Vision & Guiding Principles

In the heart of downtown Montreal, our diverse school community challenges and inspires girls to embrace learning, be confident and shape a better world.


We inspire our girls and our teachers to dream of a better world and then empower them to create it. As a small school, we foster an environment that nourishes an authentic experience founded on developing individualized excellence, leadership, kindness and global-mindedness.

Our CORE 4 Guiding Principles

We encourage girls to be open to new challenges, open to taking risks, and open to failing forward. We want to build resilience in our students, and we ground both our teaching and coaching practices in growth mindset theory.

We want our students to be life-long learners and have the independent thinking skills they need to be engaged citizens of the world. We believe this starts with curiosity. Through a variety of guided inquiry and perspective-taking activities, our students learn to ask meaningful questions rather than just find the “right” answers.

We believe in the importance of cooperative learning structures and activities that get our students to work and think together. Whether through Harkness dialogue or authentic performance projects such as our traditional House plays, our girls learn how to listen deeply and respectfully, appreciate a diversity of perspectives, and speak using their genuine voices. Traf girls take advantage of opportunities to engage and collaborate with local and international partners.

Self-compassion, empathy, and concern for the well-being of others are behaviours that are reinforced daily at Trafalgar. Our Wellness program teaches students what it means to be more mindful and helps cultivate a practice of being present. In both class and through special co-curricular projects, Trafalgar students learn about the importance of building a more sustainable world.